Post Graduate Certificate in Academic Practices

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PGCAP - Post Graduate Certificate in Academic Practices is a program that aims to provide academic, personal and professional development opportunity to our faculty/academic staff that helps in effectively driving higher education.
PGCAP has been launched to develop a strong foundation for successful career in academic practices that enables our faculty/academic staff to design a learner centric curriculum and understand teaching, learning and assessment practices, thus creating a high-quality learning environment for our students.
The purpose is also to create a peer to peer learning environment, thereby creating a forum to share best practices in teaching, to build a reflective and research-oriented approach to academic practice and acquire a competitive edge for professional growth and career development

The program spreads across 11-months duration. The first batch of 30 interested participants were selected through a process of self-nomination and panel interview. PGCAP was launched on 5 September 2018, Teachers' Day.
The commercial value of this program is INR 1lakh if it was to be pursued by anyone outside of GGSI. However, GGSI charges INR 11,000 from employees for this program which will be refunded to them after its successful completion.

The program covers four broad modules on being reflective practitioner, learning architect, digital academician and academic expert. All modules are backed up with seminars by experts, case studies, self-study, boot camps, coaching and mentoring, online modules from coursera, teaching portfolio, research publications and action learning projects that will help in overall academic and professional development of the participants.

Our first batch graduated in 2019 and the graduation ceremony was concluded with lots of fun and fanfare.

A highly engaging and rewarding experience that has helped me to lay the foundation right. We are quite confident that with the way this program is progressing, there are all chances of GGSI being able to monetise this in the times to come. This program has been well crafted and designed, aimed at polishing the basic skills of a faculty. This is a great Teach the Teacher Program.

A faculty - enrolled for this program at GGSI

I have no doubt in my mind that this has been a meaningful experience for me. This program for sure is a stepping stone to become teacher of 21st Century who is alos a learner for lifetime. I have had issues in the past to learn to discover and learn together with my students. This program helped me build that mindset. Apart from this an exposure to curriculm design, pedagogy design and so many other aspects that I got exposed to - has definetly helped me as a teacher. I strongly recommend my colleagues to undertake this program.

A faculty - enrolled for this program at GGSI