PRAGATI - Developing and Grooming High Potentialleaders

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This initiative was launched to inspire high potential and high performing leaders who possess thecapability, attitude, aspiration andhave been contributing to the organizational growth.

Our first batch of Pragati was designed for a period of 12 months, with 8 participants, who were chosen through the process of recommendation from different school & functional heads, SOP (Statement of purpose) and PI (personal interview) conducted by GGSI and Laureate leaders. Another batch of 12 went through this intervention as Pragati Batch 2 and now another 11 are going through this intervention as Pragati Batch 3.

The Five Key Elements of Pragati are: Inspire Influence, Immerse, Improve and Ignite.

Pragati focused on executive coaching and mentoring with the objective to develop strengths of individuals and work on their areas of development. It aimed to find the next top leaders for GGSI who have the capability to move at least one level higher from their current role in a time span of two years and at least two levels higher in 4-5 years.

Pragati has 4 modules - based on the Mckinsey Transformational Leadership Program.

We also use multiple other tools through this journey like:

  • Hogan assessment and debrief to help the participants understand themselves.
  • Strengthscope 360 feedback that helps them get feedback on their 7 key strength areas chosen by them from a bunch of 24 competencies. The feedback is a 360 feedback where team members, peers, managers and external stakeholders give feedback to them. The debrief on the report is also given to them so that they understand the report scientifically and get to know stakeholder view too - impartially
  • Online courses from Coursera.
  • Coaching

Many participants of this program have benefitted in a big way from this program. From what they started with what they are doing today, the journey has been commendable. Some of the examples are as below:

Pragati - Our Legacy