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At GGS, upon examining our talent philosophy, it was decided that being a robust and gender-diverse organization would be our top priority to accommodate diverse voices and viewpoints. Our internal analysis revealed that our female representation at leadership positions is only 19% while overall men-women ratio is 75%-25%. Hence, our program Shakti was conceived. It continues to focus on identifying emerging women leaders and help them

  • Realise their potential
  • Make a Difference and
  • Grow with us and become future leaders

High potential women are handpicked after an intensive selection process to make them a part of a carefully designed intervention that focuses on adaptive skills, emotional intelligence, communication effectiveness, team handling and other competencies that are needed to be successful in the world of tomorrow. All these have resulted into achieving 3 outcomes:

  • Help them shape their future - be growth minded (help them understand work/ life integration)
  • Help them Unleash their potential - be able to communicate with confidence/ build their own brand
  • Help them break down barriers - be able to lead with a purpose

We have so far kicked off 2 batches of this program, 30 in first batch and 33 in second batch. This program is spread over nine months and is based on real empowerment with elements as below:

The 9 months' journey is divided into 5 modules as below where online courses from coursera and class room sessions play an important role.

  • MODULE 1: WHO AM I - Hogan Assessment, Debrief of Hogan Assessment HipoReports and creation of Individual development plan
  • MODULE 2: LEADERSHIP FOR WOMEN - What am I capable of? Evolution of a women. Needs of women leaders and Leadership in VUCA world. How a man thinks Vs how a woman thinks?
  • MODULE 3:MYSELF - Friends and enemies of learning and growth; Leadership challenges; Transforming limiting beliefs; Emotional intelligence; Leadership embodiment
  • MODULE 4: MY TEAM - High Performing Teams; What's your WHY; Understanding the BIG Picture; Situational Leadership; Non Violent Communication
  • MODULE 5: THE WORLD AROUND ME - Communication effectiveness; Executive presence; Build your own brand (BYOB)

Besides these, as part of women empowerment series, leaders from various walks of life are invited to talk to this group and inspire them. Some of the sessions conducted were with Lt. Gen. T S Shergill from Army and Neel V Broker - CEO. Laureate EMEAA region, Linda Brown - CEO, laureate Australia and New Zealand.

There are various mentoring circles that also get formed, where these women act like a support system to each other.The power of this group is immense and the energy contagious.
Both the batches of women have also had the opportunity to meet the Hon'ble Governor of Uttarakhand, Baby Maurya Rani, who shared inspiring stories from her journey (from being a simple girl from Agra to becoming a politician).
The first batch that started in Sep 2018, concluded in May 2019. We had some inspiring stories shared by them as below:

The first batch's graduation ceremony brought moments of joy and tears.
Our new batch was also inspired by the old ones - from a whopping 100+ applications received, our next batch of 33 finally got selected who are now going through this journey. The impact is incredible already.

  • Share of our women in total population in GGSI has gone up to 30% from 25% over a year
  • Representation of women in leadership roles has gone up to 25% this year from 19% last year
  • 3% of the total women population are now in leadership roles against 2% last year,
  • and 12% of the total women are in leadership or extended leadership roles which was 8% last year
  • The churn in women has also gone down from 14% to 12% in a span of last one year

It's our woman power that makes it a great place to work!.