People's Initiatives | Culture

This program has been designed for developing leadership capability and a pipeline for larger roles as we grow - geographically and offerings wise. This program clearly has been designed with the intent of helping the leaders in waiting in

  • Assessing the strengths of one own self
  • Developing Leadership skills
  • Developing high performance teams
  • Delivering Results

The journey they go through is an interesting one. 4 modules 9 man-days

  • The participants go through the Hogan Assessment and get to know their bright side, their dark side or derailers and the values that drive them.
  • Once they know their strengths and weaknesses, they work on their Personal Development Plan and go through the modules.
  • They also get an opportunity for group coaching being offered to them by external certified coaches, who will help them through their journey of development.
  • They also get access to 3600+ coursera programs that opens a whole new opportunity of learning for them.

The modules the participants go through are - Personal Productivity, Self-Mastery, Emotional Intelligence, Business Acumen, Finance for Non-Finance and Leadership Skills. What they go through is a multitude of things as below:

The Team in Action