Bonding Over A Cricket Match Desktop (2)
By: Hemanshi Tewari | February 17, 2022

Bonding over a cricket match: Engage your employees like a boss!

On a Sunday afternoon, a CEO caught his attention on the unseen staff of his company whispering about how they would have liked to have a cricket team and match like their seniors. These third-party vendors and temporary staff who were confined to their duties and had never stepped on the cricket field, expressed their desire to play a cricket match as they had seen their superiors play several times. Not only did this lead to the genesis of 'Team Baahubali' on the cricket ground, but they also drubbed their opposing teams in Lagaan style!

It was also the beginning of an unlikely and lifelong bond between the CEO and his entire team. It also gave everyone new insights into respect, camaraderie, equal opportunity, collaboration, team building, risk-taking and much more. There's been no looking back for the company, since that first step.

The CEO was Sharad Mehra of GUS!




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